New England Pinball League

Last season I came in 3rd place in the B (19th overall) division in Ma finals and NE finals. So you may ask, what is NEPL? NEPL is a group of guys and gals who play pinball weekly for 8 weeks and play in a final competition. There is often talk of favorite machines or about machines people own. The format of NEPL is groups of 4 and 3 players that compete in 4 games. The points are distributed as follows. 1st place 10 points, 2nd place 6 points, 3rd place is 4 points, 4th place is 2 points. If your in a 3 player game points are distributed 1st is 10, 2nd is 5 and last is 2. Each player gets to choose a game for the competition.

Currently (Summer 2018) I have 38 points out of a possible 80, yea, that sucks. I travel with my bud Andy and we are going to play at 8 different locations this season. So far we have played at 2 locations, Mystic Pinball and Pizza J. You can see the standings for NEPL at the NEPL Standings web site.

About the locations

Week 1 we started at Mystic Pinball in hip Turners Falls Ma. They have around 22 games that all play excellent and cover many years of games, and they have an AC/DC Lucy. Tuesday night is NELP night at Mystic Mark and Danny run a great NEPL location. Mystic Pinball is one of the locations open to the public as an arcade.

Yes, I am ROC.

Week 2 of NEPL we traveled to beautiful Rhode Island to play at Pizza J

Very cool pizza joint with awesome beers, great food (try the Sesame Tempura Broccoli) and, yup, pinball. I think they have 10 machines on location, I forgot my phone that night so all I have is a cool van pic from their web site and a great  "TAP" menu. NEPL is run by Mark and it was great to play all of the machines. Some of the machines I played at Pizza J were High speed 2 the getaway, Attack from Mars and Super Mario Brothers. Machines played great and all machines were $.50 each. 

Great weekend until Sunday night. frown

So its back to work Monday with CRAP pinball this evening.

Roc on

Trying out the controls


This is a test page of the Rick Rock network, made from the sample blog page of Joomla! that I am editing. After getting familiar with the interface I intend to create a pinball area and a music section. I have taken down my Computer Services website, I will have a contact page to replace that web up soon.

So far the "Controls" are easy enough to figure out, I hope I can get the settings I am looking for.

Ok, test complete. Over and out...