SO 2 years ago I had to renew our Verizon plan which I hated. I got Molly and Emma into new phones so we were locked into big V for 2 years, well they were. The wife and I tried a service called Project Fi. It was great at the time, data was charged by actually use and we had new Google phones that were like phones we have never seen before, the Nexus 6P, what a joy. 

After 2 years our Nexus were dying, Verizon was paid off and we decided to move to TMobile, since we had pretty good luck with them on FI. Wow, did this go from bad to worse to worser (yeah i make up words)...

We decided to all meet in Ware at the T mobile store at Gibbs crossing. We show up phones in hand knowing the plan we want. We were put through 2 hours of frustration from the porting to the deals we could use and so on. We leave with intentions of returning Monday to buy a phone thy have on sale, the 6+. We were going to get $300 off for our nexus.

Well, after almost 24 hours of our number not porting we decide to go back to the T Mobil dealer, at this point the store manager is in, Josh. Between Josh and I, google fi in chat and T mobiles tech support we get the numbers ported in about 90 minutes, ok great lets buy a phone!

So the phone we spoke of on Sunday is suddenly removed from the promo we wanted to use. After explaining to Josh how this has all played out he states, you know what, I am giving you $100 credit to your account. So, I accepted. But we can not get the deal and leave, $100 a head of the game...

So now I go to create my t mobile account, not so fast, I find out my text messages are not yet 100% ready and 1/2 through the account creation process, t mobile states "Please insert the 6 digit code from your text message" Well it never came, because my phone was not set up properly at the t mobile store. I know that the account needs to be wiped or deleted and keep calling, going through the same useless steps again and again until I get a voice that sounds like it is from inside the USA .

I explain my issue and the account is reset, I go through the settings, get my texted code and bam, we have an account. Don't ever give up, keep calling until you get one of OUR girls or boys on the line.