"The New England Pinball League is a great place for pinball players of all levels.  From the pinball wizards to the pinball novices.  It is a great place to refine your skills, and to learn more." NEPL.org 

The NEPL consist of around 678 players, with 209 and of them playing recently in season 18. We will be having finals on Saturday, July 14th at Down The Road Brewing in Everett, Ma. Here is a picture of some of the machines at DTR.

I found out about NEPL at  Pintastic New England at the Sturbridge host in 2016. I was so excited to find out that there was this pinball convention right in our backyard. That year I volunteered and could not wait for all the pinball machines to be set up. Here are a couple of pictures from that day.

I volunteered and was rewarded with this free swag.


It was a great year to go as they had a Big Lebowski that year!


So empty when the machines first start rolling in.


Full House!

 So this is how I found out about New England Pinball League, what a great time.

 See you soon behind the Silverball